#HBREPORT 1 – The Digital Halloween Costume : What Luxury Hotels in London Wore the Scariest Social Media Costume ?

November 1st, 2016|#HBMembers, Hotels, Marketing, Social Media|

Halloween in the UK and in the USA is a quite a popular event. Everyone, kids and adults alike enjoy dressing up. This year even Burger King dressed up as McDonalds! And when looking at some top London luxury hotels' Instagram content, it looks like some 5* dressed up as 3* this Halloween! But it clearly did [...]

#HBTREND – Traditional or Digital ? Reflecting on the Future of Restaurant Menus

October 10th, 2016|#HBMembers, Marketing|

It is in restaurants' nature to evolve with time and according to market trends, customer behaviours, technology etc. As a result, many restaurants over the world test and try different types of menus. We have taken a closer look at a few restaurants in London and Paris and their approach to menu-design. 1.'No Menu'   L'Entrecote - Paris, [...]

#HBTRENDS – 5 Reasons Why Independent Hotels Need Millennials in Their Ecosystem

July 22nd, 2016|#HBMembers, Marketing|

Everyone in the industry has heard of Mr. Sébastien Bazin’s announcement regarding the millennial committee he has created. No? Well if not, here is a little recap’: Accor’s CEO has appointed a group of 12 anonymous individuals, Millennials (born between 1980 and 1990) in order to review all decisions made by the hotel group, making [...]

#HBREPORT 1 – Who manages your hotel’s social media? 

July 7th, 2016|#HBMembers, Marketing, Social Media|

Last week, I created a poll on Twitter to try and understand who's behind a hotel's social media channels. The fact that it was a poll on Twitter means that answers are very broad in terms of country, hotel size or category, and not specific enough. However it already gives some interesting information. Respondents could either select "a social [...]