For the second time this year, I was invited to give a guest lecture at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, college I graduated from in 2013. The first time I went back to give a lecture in one of the Marketing course was this Summer on the Bulle campus in Switzerland and the second time, last Friday on the London campus. 2016 was definitely a great year during which I had the opportunity to find out what it felt like, being on the other side of the room, twice, in different settings!

The class I taught in Switzerland was a big one, 70 people in the room! The London one felt way more cozy with 7 people in the room. Even though it was a smaller group in size, we had a total of 7 different nationalities in the room – one of my favourite aspect of studying at Glion! The fact that we were a small group this time helped to encourage the students to interact during the class and participate. From the content of the lecture’s perspective, I also took a different approach then the first class, more specific with lots of real life examples including dos and donts. The provocative approach I used also helped students feel involved in the lecture.

Bringing back emotions in the digital world we are evolving in is not only something that is done by doing agency work for clients, it requires more than that! I believe it needs to happen through education and training too. Sharing my experiences and showing students, the next generation of hospitality graduates, that the robotised approach to digital is not the only one that exists out there and is definitely not the one that works for the hospitality industry,  is a way to contribute to this education they are getting. And I hope that it will then help them to become the next generation of Emotionists too, in their own way.

I would like to thank the London campus team who welcomed me and assisted in getting this session filmed, thank you Mark & Remy. You can review the full class here:

Here are a few pictures from the Glion Bulle lecture:

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