A little note from Jennifer, Assistant Emotionist(e) :

“Born and raised in Switzerland, the country of hospitality excellence I have developed a passion for this industry from a very young age.

Through my studies at Glion Institute of Higher Education and the several internships I had the opportunity to have, this enthusiasm continued to grow and direct me towards the luxury hotel sector.

The human side of the industry is what attracted me, and after graduating, I decided to extend my knowledge in another human relations oriented field, which led me to enrol in a PR master at London College of Communication.

Hannah Beraud Digital Communications combines both of my interest and is aligned with the vision I have in terms of the importance the way hotels communicate about their brand in the digital era while keeping their authenticity.

Being part of this humanisation is an exciting challenge I am willing to take on!”

For any information on the agency’s website, social media platforms or featured articles do not hesitate to contact me: jz@hannahberaud.com

Let’s connect on LinkedIn: Jennifer Zaidan