Why do you need this guide ?

There are so many big and small businesses out there, especially hotels, cafés, and restaurants, missing the basic details that make an Instagram page efficient.

We hence wanted to give professionals the key tips and tricks to implement when getting started on the visual platform. 

What will you get ?

In this article we discuss 4 key elements to implement when setting-up your hotel or restaurant’s Instagram page :

  1. The profile name
  2. The profile picture
  3. Business vs. personal profiles
  4. The biography

A must read for hospitality professionals working in big or small groups, looking to get started on social media, the right way





 Chief Emotionist Officer

Once you have an Instagram account… :

  • What will you actually post on there ?
  • Who will manage the account on a daily basis ?
  • Who will create the content ?

Discover all we can do in terms of personalised social media content strategy to make your unique brand stands out online !

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“5 min to setup your hotel or restaurant’s Instagram page” was published in the HOREKA magazine, issue #103. HOREKA the leading B2B  publication for the hospitality professionals in Czech Republic with an ABC audited circulation of 7’000 and 19’800 readers (estimated by research cie Stem-Mark).

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