This statement was made by Ram Parimi, VP International at Social Tables last April during the ‘Hotels & the Digital Brands’ panel discussion at the IHTF conference. I think it is important to understand what it means for hotels and for them to realize how can they incorporate it in their social media strategy.

In order to do so, put yourself in your guests’ shoes and imagine it is your birthday. You and your wife treated yourselves to a special stay in a luxury hotel for this occasion. You are both at the reception, going through the check-in process.

Clearly, the lack of research on the receptionist’s side resulted in you being disappointed and frustrated – which is not acceptable in a luxury property when you just paid a fortune for your stay. If luxury hotels put so much efforts in training their staff to provide excellent and memorable customer service, why do they not put the same efforts when implementing their social media strategy?

As restaurants and hotels are increasingly entering the digital and social world, it is important that they apply a social media strategy taking into account Content AND Context: make sure you target the right audience and share content at a relevant time for this audience.

Scenario 1- Timing


The receptionist does not mention your birthday during the check-in. But then, three days later, while you are checking out with the same receptionist, he slips a ‘happy birthday sir’. His timing is slightly off isn’t it?

Scenario 2- Audience


big smile and wishes her a warm ‘happy birthday!’ Leaving you disappointed and a little frustrated that he did not congratulate the right guest…

Here are a few recommendations to get you started in case you would like to translate this article into actions:

  • Recruit the right staff in-house to take care of your social media strategy,
  • Involve the right decision-makers in the social media strategy process,
  • Reach out to social media experts if you do not have the bandwidth to hire new staff,
  • Always look at your social media accounts as a digital front desk.

Have you ever been in the ‘disappointed guest’s’ shoes before? Is the luxury hotel you work for or have stayed in applying taking this statement seriously? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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