Friends, colleagues, parents of friends and colleagues, you have all seen and shared THE Simon Sinek interview: the one HERE, where he is saying lots of %^I)$^IP#P^IP#I! And still you like what he is saying?! Are you nuts? Are you ‘suicidal’? Do you doubt so much that you lose the self-esteem of our generation USPs?

We are the DIGITAL world!

Like the French cartoon character, Asterix, we are born in the magic soup bowl! We are borned wired! We are a totally different set of players indeed. We are Digital Freaks! Yeaaah that’s right! Which means we know better than any other generation.

And we also know that we don’t know where ultimately this is leading toThis guy, who understands nothing to this generation, is serving ($&%*(^)%*$&*%! He uses the MILLENIAL term to tag us negatively.


Let’s not leave it to any self-proclaimed guru to term us and certainly not to tell us we are this or that when we are … borned players, researchers, dreamersThe only thing this guy’s speech is signaling is Fear. And it feeds the fear that is shared across by our older generations who don’t understand the new world that we are disrupting.

Likewise, my dad’s grand-parents didn’t understand the switch from 1 to 2 and later 3 tv channels! This guy feeds you, us, MILLENIALS, the wrong side of our self-confidence! He undermines it, he sabotages it, almost trying to make us feel guilty for being different than our middle-class-lost-dream parentsC’mon guys!

“Wake up and smell the coffee!” 

Read my answer to his interview below, and lets unite to feed the world some Millennial Positive Truth instead!

“Dear Simon,

Let’s talk about the “millennial question” interview. It starts with you repeating words shared by the media about us, calling us ‘lazy, impatient, self-interested, entitled’. Then you blame everyone else for the way we are, saying ‘we’ve been dealt a band hand’, ‘we need to learn to be patient’ and adding ‘it is not our fault’, ‘it is our parents’ fault’. You then justify your terrible words by taking a major shortcut to statistics about unemployment, suicide rates and drug overdoses.

Being from another generation than the millennial generation, my generation, is the reason you are in no position at all to judge us and talk about us in such negative terms online, spread this type of shortened message with the world. Your interview is made up of misleading information that should be put in context, explained and illustrated instead of over-simplified.

When you tell parents, they have taken too good care of their kids, encouraging them to embrace life and ‘become whatever they want to become’, it is no surprise that I find parents in my own Facebook feed reacting to your video by sharing, commenting, liking it and telling their own kids to watch the video! YES, our parents and grand-parents did go wrong somewhere, and even Koffi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations agrees they messed-up bad (here in case you missed it).

YES you are right to mention them, but the reason we, millennials should blame them for, is the terrible world they have left us: a world where it is ok for big corporations to sack employees in order to get healthier balance sheets, a world where politicians are more corrupted from a country to another, a world with a massive pollution problem. You are giving parents the wrong answers.

Instead of encouraging people to embrace the change that the digital revolution is creating, you are giving parents, older generations, even more reasons to be afraid of change, of us. Guess what: we are the first ones impacted by this digital revolution! We, Millennials, are in it as much as you are! We are the ones who have no clue when we will be able to afford a house.

We are the ones who have no clue what the next 2 years hold for us. Any child who is being told he is not responsible for their behavior but the parents are, will jump out of joy! So it is with no surprise that I find my Facebook feed filled with friends from my generation, Millennials, who are sharing, liking your interview, jumping out of joy!

You are making excuses for us when you should be making excuses for our parents’ and grand-parents’ behavior. You and the media (Bloomberg, Le Point, The Time) are sharing with the world the wrong speech about us, leading friends, colleagues, clients to get angry when being termed a “millennial”. ‘Millennial’ is a word that was created for us which we are now afraid us, thanks.

Like Emmanuelle Duez, I am an entrepreneur, a Millennial that will not agree to be the “millennial” person you describe in your interviews. We are a generation that has been given a big mess, that is trying to find solutions to turn it into a better world, generation of innovation.

Emmannuelle Duez, a brilliant Millennial entrepreneur, founder of The Boson Project and Women’Up talks about it much better than I do in her numerous talks:

And in case you want to find out how to work with us, the Millennial generation, check out what Sebastien Bazin, Director or Accor is doing with the Millennial Shadow Comexover here on Forbes or here in a Skift interview, or even here, during a speech at the Institute of Directors:

Next time you or anyone would like to whistle around about ‘the millennial question’, hypnotise us with your negative words, or feed us your poison, I highly recommend you use some better inspiration.

Meanwhile, let’s work towards creating a new world, mixing old and new, connected and disconnected, traditional and digital.”


Hannah Béraud-Hindi

Chief Emotionist(e) Officer

PS: who is “Simon the Snake”? a Millenial supporter? or an infiltrated agent of the old order? Serving every generation the guilt trip, discriminating, and worse, antagonising?
Worse because the deck of cards we play with is not calling for only Millennials to play, it is calling for the association of all generations’ unique talents when facing and needing to trouble shoot the Millenial boom ! 

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