From a hotel’s perspective, what best way than to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your property than being the one making your fans dream, crave, travel with beautiful content and stories on Instagram

It seems however that hotels, big and small, all over the world, are facing the same challenge : how to engage fans on Instagram ? What is it that the fans are looking for and that pushes them to book, share, comment ? As a result, hotels’ Instagram pages look the same, feel the same, look really bad or all of the above (not good).

How can professionals actually expect consumers or fans to go through all this noisy content, bad or boring, and engage with it ? take action and book ? 

“One might have the best experience and tell no one. But if one has a terrible experience, one will tell its entire network.”

I strongly believe the saying goes for bad content too. Bad content is a trend that we noticed in the hotel and travel industry for quite some time now. Lack of strategy ? Resources ? Both ? How can you promise a unique experience to your guests but offer the poorest Instagram experience of all?

Here are a few tricks to avoid looking like “just another hotel on Instagram and actually stand out, be different, unique, authentic. Because yes, there is a big chance that once you start caring about your content, you actually will:

  • Get more guests through your door
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase your visibility

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

1. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

UGC is the content created and shared on social media by your fans. Hotels regularly re-publish (or re-gram) the fans’ content on their Instagram page, crediting the author of the picture – of course.

The fact that hotels offer wide ranges of services, exceptional surroundings, unique food and focus on the customer experience that guests and the staff want to picture and share, make of UGC a natural source of authentic content for hotels to tap into.

The benefits of UGC:

  • Enhancing the customer relationships
  • Authentic feeling
  • Great showcase of fan engagement
  • Customer feedback
  • Budget friendly

The bad:

  • Not all pictures are good quality

2. Stay Away from Image Banks

Image Banks like Shutterstock or Getty are great. You can just find anything on there and for good prices too. But guess what, so can a million other brands and people. Having said that and now from an independent hotel’s perspective looking for content to share on a social media platform, how authentic and ‘instant’ is a picture that come from an image bank?!

So my question is: why would you ever use Image Banks if you are trying to stand out of the crowd on Instagram and make your hotel as memorable as possible?

The good:

  • Budget friendly
  • Diversity of content

The bad:

  • Lack of authenticity, originality, personality
  • Available to anyone and everyone
  • Research of pictures can be time consuming

3. Create Your Own Content

If you know us, you know that this is always the number 1 solution we will try to push. You just can’t beat original content.

Of course it requires a clear strategy and a little bit of resources if you are hiring a photographer, are investing into a good camera or training. But it is something you will never regret investing in.

The good:

  • Unique, original, authentic
  • Memorable
  • Can be used for different purposes: website, newsletter, social media, press …
  • Excellent quality

The bad:

  • Associated costs
  • Production and editing of the content can be time consuming

Whatever the type of content you are going to go for, if you don’t want to end up “making noise” and actually want to have a real impact on your fans, always remember the saying below :

“If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

Have a good week,

Hannah x