The Emotionist(e) Suite



  • “Portrait session” : we capture the 360 vision of your brand, organisation, positioning, challenges, objectives to help you understand how digital fits in your business
  • Social media strategy per platform
  • Fans’ interaction strategy
  • Content strategy : creating human, authentic content to stand out and engage with your audience
  • Tone of voice strategy : choosing the human and authentic angle and words for your  brand to stand out, engage with your audience and drive sales
  • 360 crisis management strategy
  • Tailored 360 marketing & PR campaigns strategy
  • Partnerships’ strategy



  • Briefing of influencers
  • Briefing of journalists
  • Briefing of partners
  • Briefing of external technology suppliers (POS, ePOS, CRM …)
  • Briefing of creative suppliers (design, photography, video, copy…)


Audit & Research

  • 360 online audit : we review your online platform(s) and identify optimisation points
  • Platform-specific audit : we review one of your digital platform (website, newsletter, social media…) and make recommendations to make it more authentic, unique, human, responsive, engaging and sales-friendly
  • Technology audit: we review the tool(s) you have in place and make recommendations
  • Interior audit : we come to your establishment to review your interior and recommend strategies to activate your guests’ and consumers’ digital reactions


 Trainings & Talks

  • Reputation management
  • Crisis management
  • Social media management
  • 360 marketing planning
  • Creating authentic content
  • Digital mindfulness
  • Today’s and tomorrow’s hospitality trends


Mentorship & Coaching Package

    We accompany you and your team to develop authentic, human, branded, integrated digital communications strategies and content to help your business stand out online and help create processes to ensure the strategy is implemented in a consistent and efficient way. The perfect option for small businesses with limited resources or large groups looking to help their marketing and PR managers perform better.

  • Audit of the chosen platform and recommended action plan
  • Authentic, human and branded content brainstorming per platform
  • Tailored 360 social media, marketing, communications plan (themes, hashtags, frequency, tone of voice) OR editorial calendar per platform
  • Marketing and communications organisational/management check-list
  • Weekly follow-up sessions

*3 months minimum contract

Les Ateliers du Digital

    The digital transformation is not limited to the adoption of new digital tools and technology. Especially in the hotel and restaurant industry : it is about the people behind the tools !

    To help your operational and senior management teams understand this cultural and organisational shift, we provide a set of tailored in-house Ateliers :

  • A format tailored to your needs (conference, workshop, panel discussion, case study)
  • In groups or individually
  • A range of specific topics and themes
  • A network of international experts
  • Contact us for more information:

Network of Experts

  • Copywriter
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • PR specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Art director
  • Digital media trainer
  • Strategist
  • AI expert
  • Journalist