With the new technologies taking over their businesses and changing customers’ behaviours, many overwhelmed restauranteurs out there seem to feel frustrated with the large choice of new tools.

If you do not know where to start when thinking of investing into the digitalisation of your restaurant, here are a few points to begin with :

  1. Wi-fi : give it away for free or not?
  2. How visible/well ranked is the website on Google?
  3. How will the e-reputation be managed?
  4. How clear message is the message you share on social media?
  5. What is your perception of the Millennials and how does the new generation affect your business? 
  6. What social media channels to use and why?
  7. How knowledgeable is the restaurant staff about social media and digital tools and new customer behaviours?
  8. What is the role of social media and digital in the relationship with customers?
  9. How can food bloggers or influencers participate in the digital strategy?
  10. Who is the most knowledgeable social media person in the team? Is there such a person in the team?
  11. To what extent could digital and technology help restaurateurs and hoteliers cut costs?
  12. How to identify if the social media efforts are successful or not?
  13. What content will be shared on social media?
  14. Who will create that content? How much will it cost? 
  15. What will the impact of social media be on the restaurant’s/hotel’s sales and reputation?

It is key that (independent) restaurants and hotels think of social media seriously before rushing into it. Sometimes, it might not even be the best solution for them!

Hoteliers and restaurateurs with limited time and budget resources cannot afford to miss this reflection step, which will help  them save money and time once they are ready to get started… !

We hope these points will help hospitality professionals think of social media and digital more strategically !


Chief Emotionist(e) Officer

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