Can you imagine it has already been 12 years since Facebook was created by Mr. Zuckerberg? This being said, it means you – busy hotelier or busy restaurateur – have had 10 wholllleeee years to think about some sort of social media plan to integrate into your marketing strategy. And what have you done…? You may have all the reasons in the world not to have given a proper thought about social media until now (budget, timing, staff etc), but 2017 is around the corner and we and your customers won’t let you find any other excuse not to implement a REAL social media strategy next year! 2017 is the year you will rock your social media and take full advantage of it. Thanks to past client experiences and industry trends, we have seen some good practice, and very bad practice. Here we bring you some basic tips (from the good ones) to help you establish your social media plan.

1. Think about the purpose of social media

Why would you hire a chef if your hotel actually doesn’t offer a food and beverage service? Well that’s kind of the same story with social media. There is no reason to use it if you do not need it. That being said, if you own a restaurant or hotel, you probably do need it, for the below reasons:

  • Engage with your customers to create a two-way conversation
  • In such a competitive environment, you cannot ignore any way to increase your visibility
  • Use social media to target a certain group of customers and create new sales leads
  • Enrich the customer experience before, during and after the service was delivered.

Of course, once you are convinced that indeed, you do need to get on social media, you will have to think about…

2. What is the right platform for you

There are so many different social media platforms nowadays that we totally get it if you feel kind of lost. When trying to figure out which platform is best for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your customers/guests tech-savvy?
  • How old are your customers/guests?
  • Are your customers more business or leisure oriented?
  • What are your customers/guests’ interests?

It is always the same story… you want to be speaking to the right people, using the right channel – if you are targeting honeymooners, think visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, and please avoid Linkedin, which might not be the best choice.

3. What about the content

The most important when it comes to content, especially in the hospitality industry and for the luxury sector is to remember that your social media content is the only way you will differentiate yourself from the competition, the way you will bring EMOTIONS to your guests or customers. And this is something big that cannot be underestimated. Elements to think about when coming up with a content strategy include:

  • What information you are going to share, not to share?
  • How often?
  • What is my budget? 
  • Who is going to take care of creating/curating the content?

The key to success is to be very organized, plan in advance, be consistent and be creative – and you can’t fool us, we know that there is a creative mind just waiting to be used inside all of you! So what do you say, easy isn’t it? Hopefully you won’t wait another 12 years to start implementing these social media strategy tips! 

“The More Digital, The More Human The Relationships”. HBH

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